Waking Nights

Waking Nights

We are also able to complete a waking or sleeping night with you in your own home.

This can support those who have difficulty sleeping through the night or would feel safer having a carer present.

Waking Night

This could involve the carer staying awake with you during the night keeping you safe and as comfortable as possible. Alternately you may require a carer to check in on you at agreed times throughout the night. This could be every hour or every two hours for example, this would be agreed through assessment of need.

Sleep In

A sleep in is a request that the carer retire to sleep at around the same time that you do. They would be present and 'on call' during the night if you required them at any stage. A comfortable place for the carer to sleep would be required ideally in a room close by. We are able to provide an assessment for your waking nights requirements in Bristol, Bath and the Surrounding areas.

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