We can support you out in the community to collect your food /household shop. We can also complete this on your behalf if you so wish.

Many of our carers are car drivers and are able to go to the shop ofyour choice to collect your chosen items. We offer this service as we understand that not everyone requires full support or care but just an extra pair of hands when required.This can be quite helpful even if you are fully independent as this can free your time to enjoy other activities.

We are happy to support you with this just give us a ring at office to discuss your chosen times and days.

Case Study

Mr Hanz has always been very independent however he has been caring for his wife who has dementia for the last 3 years. He is finding it a little difficult but he and his wife wish for him to remain as her primary and only carer. They do not drive and Mr Hanz does not like leaving his partner alone for extended periods of time.

Mr and Mrs Hanz have an assisted shopping trip once a week for three hours. They both go out together with the carer in the carers vehicle this allows him to go out with his wife and enjoy the day but still remain in control. They choose where to go and what they would like to buy. The carer supports them with the physical element of lifting, carrying and the transport.

Mr and Mrs Hanz really enjoy this type of support as it enables them to continue to live as independently as possible.