Live In Support

Social Care Personal Assistants Limited are able to provide live in support and care to you within your own home.This would mean you have 24 hour support when you require this can be used for personal care, companionship or trips away. We provide a flexible person centred service and therefore this can be provided short term or long term to permanent.

We cover the Bristol area for short visits but are able to provide a live in service to any location. We would discuss with you and or an advocate about the types of tasks you would like to be supported with.

When living within your home carers will require a small private area that will maintain your privacy and dignity also their own.

Nobody likes to send away their loved ones but looking after someone with a disability can be challenging both emotionally and physically. Given that many people both men and women have full time carers which are necessary to make ends meet, we have taken the liberty of providing live in care for adults over the age of 18.

All our people are highly trained and have excellent communication skills with prior experience of health and social care which is essential in this line of work. They are fully trained to help adults with all kinds of tasks and skills such as learning to live independently, small household tasks and companionship. They also have enough knowledge to help adults with their medication and personal care whilst ensuring that their dignity and choices are respected. Every client is different and all our personal assistants understand and adopt person centred approach which focuses on the needs and preferences of the client and keeping them at the centre of all activity. Our one to one approach has resulted in great outcomes and our clients feel comfortable and develop a very trusting relationship with our care givers.

We specialise in providing services for adults with dementia, learning or physical disabilities, mental health issues, people history of substance abuse and those who require long term care etc. A lot of people prefer live in care for their loved ones because firstly, they get to spend time with them daily and are very involved in taking care of the client. Secondly the client is more likely to get better quickly because they are not taken away from their home and are living in a very familiar environment. Hence, keeping in mind the psychological and emotional needs of these families we provide such services. Our main job is to make our clients comfortable and give them what they need. As mentioned before, some people just require companionship or just someone to do a few tasks that they are not able to due to their disability.

*Others with a mental or physical disability require a lot more than just companionship. Regardless, of what kind of caring services clients are looking for we try to accommodate all needs.
Located in UK we currently operate in Bristol, Bath, Gloucester and North Somerset. All information is available online, on our website. Get in touch with us using our contact details provided on our website and we promise you that you will not be disappointed.*

Live In Support