Dog Walking

Dog Walking

The latest figures from revealed the astonishing amount that pet owners living in London spent for their pet animals. Pet owners spent a record breaking £ 7.16bn on their animals in 2016, a growth of 25% since 2010. Owners of small dogs spend an average of £ 303 for pet insurance, £ 18 on dog food every month, £ 4 toy every month, £ 10 home healthcare for dogs every month, and £ 33 on professional grooming every 6 - 8 weeks.
According to research by Direct Line Pet Insurance, pet owners living in London spend more on their pet's health. They charge £14 per hour per dog which would add up to an annual salary of £ 30, 000 - £ 64, 000. Dog walkers can be seen on parks during weekdays being dragged by disparate pack of pugs, terriers, and dachshunds. A typical dog walker walks 13 dogs a day in groups or in solo from early in the morning until their owners return from work. Dog walking is considered the latest exercise job in Britain and continues to boom. There are several good reasons why pet owners should consider hiring a dog walker for their pets.

Dogs need care, healthy environment, diet and exercise. There are about 8.5 million pet owners in London but most of them failed to give their dogs a walk and care that they need. They are busy from work, holiday celebrations, and family events.

A perfect day for pet owners is able to complete a hectic day at work, hit the gym to exercise, surf the web, and cuddle time with their pets. Owners who dog walk twice daily usually have well-behaved and healthy dogs. Their pets become tired so they behave well. On the other hand, those who missed dog walks have bored dogs and some are obese. They always start trouble like chewing shoes, shredding dog beds, and scattering paper confetti all over the room. Pet owners hire dog walkers to have someone look after their dogs one hour daily and give the care that they need while they're at work.

What Dog Walkers Can Do?
A typical dog walker in UK dog walks 13 dogs a day so it is necessary to be good with names. It is essential for dog walkers to be intelligent, strong, and patient as their job requires them to be. Dog walking has physical benefits on dogs since it is a common knowledge that walking is beneficial to human health and also for pet animals.

1. Dog walking keeps dogs healthy, limber, and agile.
It keeps dogs from being obese which is usually being associated with medical complaints like liver disease, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, and insulin resistance. It is necessary for dogs to walk at least once a day; however, active dogs may need more.
Dogs love walking and it makes them very happy. They always look forward to walking with their owners and to spend time with them. They love checking the sites and playing with other dogs in the park. Dogs with less walking time are destructive and easily get bored. Dog walking also has benefits to dog walkers and dog owners. Dog walking reduce stress and helps increase self-esteem of both dog walkers and owners.

2. Dog walking build up muscles of dogs
Good food diet and daily exercise help build up muscles of dogs. Busy dog owners hire dog walkers to do what they can't do for their pets because hectic work schedule. Other dog owners combine daily dog walking exercise with weight pulling exercises to build muscles fast. Other benefits of daily exercise to dogs are good physical and mental development. For additional exercises, it is best to ask the veterinarians.

3. Dog walking channels excess energy appropriately
Dogs display their destructive behaviour when they are bored just like very young children. Dogs need to do something constructive to behave well and the perfect idea is dog walking. This is where the dog walkers come in. Bored dogs chew anything to pieces, create mess in your living room, and can be very noisy sometimes.
Daily dog walking help release their excess energy appropriately and eliminate their destructive behaviour that you hate most. Dog walking is the best way to do it and dog walkers are the best people to do it.

4. Dog walking improves social development of dogs
Dog walking gives your dog pets opportunities to see a healthy environment, meet other dogs, and experience new smells. Dog walkers show your dogs to the world and give your dogs the care they need while you are busy. Dog walking is truly a good way to improve social development of dogs aside from mental and physical.

What Can Social Care Personal Assistants Dog Walkers Do?

There are good reasons why dog owners hire dog walkers. First, dog walkers keep dogs healthy. Second, they help dogs build up muscles. Third, they help dogs channel their excess energy. Lastly, they help dogs improve their social development while their owners are away. Aside from daily dog walking activities, pet owners get the help of professional pet companies when it comes to training their dogs.

Professional pet training improves the behaviour of pets. Thus, pet owners do not have to worry that their pets will jump on people, walk on the leash, and distract guests. Effective professional training keep dog healthy, active, and agile.
Professional pet training improve communication with dogs and owners. Professional training provides what is needed to improve communication between dogs and their owners. This will results to more cuddle and fun time with pets.
Professional pet training provides more satisfaction to pet owners. It's because their pets will be well-behaved and trained.

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