Cleaning Service


We can also provide a home tidy and cleaning service to you in the local area. Unlike the usual type of cleaning company all of our staff have a current disclosure and barring service certificate. So you can be sure that your cleaning is carried out on your behalf by trusted and vetted staff.

We can provide a home based cleaning service combined with care and support if required. Bristol home cleaning service.

This would involve tasks such as:

  • Vacuum
  • Washing Up, Dusting
  • Mopping the floors
  • Wiping Surfaces
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • General Tidy
  • De - Clutter/Organising

We also have a cleaning only service that starts at £10.00 per hour for the Bristol area. This competitive price applies only if you do not have a care package with us, as we provide this as a separate service. Please call us today so we can give you a quote for any larger jobs. We are are also insured up to value of £10,0000,000 for any one occurrence. We are also registered with the Information Commissioners office Ref ZA000448.

Cleaners Provided

Ashley Down
City Centre
Arnos Vale
Windmill Hill
Long Ashton
Westbury On Trym
St Pauls

CRB / DBS checked Professional Cleaning Domestic and Commercial in the Bristol area. Image credit cleaning supplies image Shuttershock

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We are also able to supply live in and out housekeeping / domestic staff in the London areas of



Kensington and Chelsea
Hyde Park
Clapham (North, Common and South)

We cover Typical zone 1 areas zone 2 is also possible. Live in and out is a service that we can provide quickly and efficiently. Please note that unfortunately we do not provide a personal care service in London area.

Social Care Personal Assistants - Professional Companionship & Assistance

The Importance of Cleanliness in UK Homes
Social Care Personal Assistants are well trained individuals who can provide a personalised service to the community, whilst conducting a whole host of necessary tasks to look after their patients. A key worry of looking after often physically, or mentally, impaired people is hygiene. A personal assistant from SCPA is not like any normal cleaning company, which is why we're professionals in social companionship and assistance.

The Cleanliness Problem
Cleanliness is possibly the most crucial factor for a healthy environment. It is related to both personal and public hygiene. Poor maintenance of hygienic conditions comes with a lack of cleanliness and sanitation, plus an increase in various diseases, bacteria's, and viruses. Bone idleness is the frequent problem if someone lives in a filthy home. Unfortunately, as social carers we are not dealing with idleness. Physical and mental disability is almost a standard attribution for cluttered and dirty homes. If the disabled don't get the help they need, this is often the path that follows, through no fault of the disabled occupant.
Research and Learnings from Chronic Disorganisation
Psychologists have done research in the U.S. on brain scans of compulsive hoarders, including people that seem to be oblivious to their dirty, smelly and dangerous surroundings. They showed increased activity in the decision-making areas of the brain when deciding whether to keep or chuck something. The psychologists concluded that the hoarders were truly stressed by the process of having to reach a decision, leading to theories about clutter and untidiness being mental, as well as physical. Psychologists see this lack of interest in hygiene as a symptom of many other disorders, including ADHD, depression, and OCD.

Which is where our professional companionship and assistants services step in to lend a hand. We understand, through thorough research and training, the needs of each individual patient and fully appreciate their needs come first.

Important Reasons to Keep a Clean Kitchen
There are many. It sets a good example for the children. It's a great habit to teach by example, whether the children are yours, family members or neighbours. Cleaning the house or doing the dishes with someone is still a bonding exercise and can easily leave the most abled person with a sense of accomplishment that deserves a nice sit-down and a cup of tea.

A clean kitchen is also about safety, it's not only about aesthetics (although that should count too). A safe kitchen won't have drips on the floor for someone to accidentally slip on. Oil slicks won't cause random hectic grease fires, if they aren't there in the first place. The number of sharp objects in a kitchen is the highest compared to anywhere in the household, the best way to deal with this? Keep a clean and organised kitchen.
And of course, it naturally prevents illness. Just like having a clean home makes a difference, the kitchen is 10 times more of a hazard zone with food-borne illnesses. Spoilage of food and cross-contamination are the biggest worries. These are much simpler to handle if you have a clean and tidy kitchen.
Social Care Personal Assistants as a Home Cleaning Service
We understand the simple truth that some people need help, without judgement. Our cleaning service covers all the basics and more. Keeping a clean and tidy home is a necessity and the importance of cleanliness can't be understated. We can even combine our home-based cleaning service with care and support if required.

Our cleaning service covers areas throughout Bristol and London. Please visit here to check whether you're in the catchment area and contact us to find out our competitive prices! Or read on to see why you should choose us over any other provider.

Our Quality and Guarantee
So, unlike most standard cleaning companies, all our staff have a current disclosure and barring service certificate. Which means only fully vetted and trusted staff members create our work-force. You can rest safe assured that your cleaning, or your loved one, is in safe hands. This highly important function protects the vulnerable of society and increases the quality of our personal assistants.