Can I Still Use Your Service If I Am Already Receiving Care From Another Care Agency?

We are happy to support visits that you already receive, we really believe in inter-professional working to provide the best outcome for you.

Will I Have The Same Carer / Support Worker On Each Visit?

You will be allocated a key worker who will be your main carer. We always attempt to keep the number of new carers to your home to a minimum.

Can I Receive Support From Social Care Personal Assistants Even If I Do Not Have A Social Worker?

Yes you can we can also support with you with applying for an assessment from an adult care social worker. We are an independent company and not affiliated with the local authority. However we work with many people who do receive direct payments from social services.

Do You Provide Overnight Care and Support?

Yes we do and we can support you with waking nights and sleep in nights. Waking nights are where the carer is required to stay awake.The sleep in allows the carer to rest whilst being on call if required.

How Cost Effective Is Your Service?

Our service is cost effective and is reviewed once a year. Our service charge is in line with other providers in the south west are. Please ring our offices to discuss your needs and requirements with us.

Can I Cancel My Visit And If So How Do I Do This?

We aim to be as person centred an as flexible however we do have a cancellation policy of 48 hours minimum.

How much do your services cost?

Please contact us and we can advise you of the competitive rates that we offer.

If I am receiving a care package with another company but if I am not happy with the servicethat I am receiving. Can I start using Social Care Personal Assistants?

If you currently receive Direct Payments then you are free to choose a different provider should you feel that service provided is not an acceptable standard.

If you currently have a package funded by your local authority you would need to speak with your social worker. All you would need to do is provide a notice period to your current provider either verbally or in writing. You can also make a private arrangement direct with Social Care Personal Assistants if you wish.

Can I have the same staff member every time?

We undersatand and promote the importance of a consistent. We will try to meet you needs at all times, if there is particular member of staff that you would like to see please let us know.

Can I receive services from Social Care Personal Assistants even if I am not eligible for a Social Services funded care package?

Social Care Personal Assistants is a private independent company and for our private clients we operate under a direct' arrangement where we simply invoice the care recipient (or whoever will be paying for the service) for the services being provided.

What if I would like to receive more services like also having someone to take me to do the shopping, to doctor's appointments or provide support overnight?

We are able to provide these types of services in addition to a support/care package you may already have with us. Please contact us to arrange.

Can I cancel or change services if something else comes up, like a doctor's appointment?

Yes you can we, have a minimum cancellation notice period of 24 hours.